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This week I am dealing with online image storage, and their proliferation in blogz. Although I have been using a Photobucket account for over five years, I am now going to check out Flickr. If it’s free, it’s for me!
The only drawback to posting photos online is that they are accessible to other folks too, so you really gotta be cautious. There are ways and sites that can lock up your data, but not the ones I use, which is why I barely use them. I mostly do Image searches or check my FEED, which produces tons of pics form sites that I keep tabs on. I usually deal with images on a case by case basis, not to mention I personally store hundreds of images at home.

But this one, I keep ONLINE:

For obvious reasons. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a Rainbow puking? It even got accepted on the webpage RainbowPuke.com, (conveniently located at http://www.rainbowpuke.com/puke6.php) as one of the many brilliant pieces of art depicting a rainbow upchucking. Why? You mean, why not?


So I am certainly NOT a Technophobe. I got an etrail of personal data all across the Internets. Maybe too much data, which is why I am not signing up for a Flickr account. I *just* deleted my Yahoo account, and I’m not about to board that leaky vessel once again. Too many passwords too remember, and if I dare streamline them I become a security risk. no wai.


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