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Yes, folks, it is time, as Librarians, we talk about eBook Readers. Seriously, stop making that face; I know you are.
Now Wired did us a mitzvah and gathered up the new hawtness for us, so why don’t we take a peek, eh?
iTABLET (prototype)

Okay, so you like to read. So do I. I own so many books that I HAD to work in a Library, if only to increase storage space for my personal collection (but I am still, by no means, a Bibliophile. That’s just sick.) So why not tote around your favorite tomes wherever you go? Because if your favorite author is Dostoevsky, you better be an Olympic weight-lifter.
So okay, eBook Readers save on space.
They are Green, as they save on paper.
You can read in dim light, or in the dark, with the back-lit screens.
eBooks are (usually) cheaper than the paper versions.
You never have to worry about Library late fees, or even lost or damaged books again. (But yeah, if you drop your Kindle in the bathtub, you’re screwed.)
Faster information acquisition (downloading versus Inter-Library Loans)
You may be able to alter and manipulate text (highlight, increase font, insert notes, etc.) that you cannot do with print on the page (especially underlining in your Library books. That’s a no-no).

Putting me out of work. (not actually true)
Technophobes, neo-luddites, and my Aunt, beware. You’ll never figure it out.
Cost for eBook Reader.
I really can’t think of any more downsides. Seriously, what’s everyone so afraid of? Welcome to the Age of Internets.

And a final thought, for Academic Librarians (like myself), we often see that one might require 2 eBook readers when taking notes, comparing texts, etc., so what about that? Well enjoy.


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