MIT Media Lab does it again…

Now you all know that I have a very special place in my heart for Cyborgs, Neo-Humans and TransHumans, being one myself. Most of you out there are cyborgs too, only you don’t know it. Do you use a cell phone? Watch television? Use computers? Drive automobiles? You are the very machine that plugs into these other machines, a meta-machine, if you will. And these things we plug ourselves into are very helpful indeed, but there seems to be a limit, a techno-glass ceiling for just how intuitive these machines are. Well, rest assured that this is all changing. At MIT, they do some amazing work helping us be the cyborgs that we want to be, and this video is no exception. It is touted as a ‘6th-sense’ device, and no amount of explanation will do it justice. So watch the video. Now.



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