WEEK FOUR: THING #8 & #9 (these numbers are messin’ w/my head!)

Ooookaaaay, so this week it’s all about the RSS. O rly? What’s that, u say? Really Simple Syndication, eh? Yus.
So I have been using my Google Reader for liek, 2 yearz now and I must admit, it is still full of starred items I haven’t read from liek, 6 months ago (or moar, let’s b honest). But that’s kewl, rite? I don’t HAFTA read ’em, but I DO get 50 new items daily, although I used to get over 100 new items daily in ma FEED, but I had to cut back. That’s just crazy.
So now I subscribe to Wired (I get a paper copy 2, but sometimes I just don’t feel liek turning pages, kno what I mean?), I also get a heads-up from a number of manga blogs and anime review blogsites, like Manga Blog (of course), Otaku Librarian, Japanator, Japan Sugoi, Nigorimasen!, Sea Slugs Anime Blog, sunny side up anime blog, Trends in Japan, Kirainet, Cool Business News, Japundit, and Shelf Check (for funny Librarian-related cartoons). I used to also subscribe to 5 or 6 moar sites, but they were pumping out cross-posts liek crazytown, so I cut ’em loose. No need to read things three times, rite?
Some of the blogs I subscribe to only post once a week or so, some of them even moar infrequently than that, and a few do a daily post (Manga Blog, I’m lookin’ @ you!) But it’s kewl & tha Gang, I read FAST. Not as fast as I type, but w/fewer errorz. Although this post seems a grammatical mess, I did it all on PURPOSE. Srsly, I *did.* Aggregate that, RSS!



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