so Technology rocks, right? I mean, if you’re reading this, apparently you are indulging in some rather sophisticated tech, amirite? So, how ’bout ROBOTS? Like Honda’s ASIMO, pretty futuristic.


Japan is quickly leading the charge with so much, including rules for schoolgirl skirt lengths, incredible animation and manga, and adorable little hunting dogs. But robots take the cake.
Waaa! Shockwave!

Especially cute dogs that are also robots; i.e. ROBOFIDO. My FEED has been pushing news items across my eyeballs all last month with these freaky robots who are Substitute teachers, salespeople, receptionists, and lovers and even catwalk models. They were working on faces and expressions for a while, because people empathize with a humanoid face and how it expresses emotion, and now with Asimo, stairs are a cinch too. Although, maybe we should stick with riding bicycles instead.

That little Asimo dude is really making the rounds (even running around!), but why settle for a remote control when you have a perfectly good brain in your skullcase?
Although, I am sure many of you out there cannot speak Japanese (hey, I could be wrong) so here we go in English this time.

Didn’t I tell you ROBOTS were neato? Remember when…?


Until they rise up and kill us all, then we’re royally SCREWED.


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One response to “WEEK FOUR: SOME OTHA THING!

  1. Mary Scott

    LOL Ur rite robots totally rawk!!! Hey but wait, “THEY’LL TAKE OUR JOBS!!!!” Its all good though cuz that’ll leave me more time to fine tune my cybernetic implants…then we’ll all be one happy robotic family, us and our robotic slaves…until of course the robot rebellion then we’ll outlaw technology and become Luddites again. So enjoy it while you can XD

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